Azimuth Projects
Allison Reimus, VESSEL, Allison Reimus, FRAMED TRIANGLES Allison Reimus, Paint Pitcher Allison Reimus, CONTENT CONTAINS Allison Reimus, UNTITLED
"Ordonnance: disposition of the parts"

November 8- Janary 24th
2704 N. Whipple St.
Featuring new works by Erin Chlaghmo and Allison Reimus. The exhibition and site-specific wallpaper installation in a domestic space focused around repetition and buildup of form, texture and color. Both Chlaghmo and Reimus are participating in a larger concurrent exhibition through the Graft Project at the Comfort Station In Logan Square.

Ordonnance, distills these two artists from their larger eight-person exhibition and highlights their individual investigations into the language of patterning, and materiality. Reimus, presents a collection of new small paintings with highly structured geometric forms and spontaneous glitter. For the first time Chlaghmo presents a site-specific installation of original skill screened wallpaper influence by kilim textiles.

Please join us from 6 pm- 9pm for wine and Moroccan treats.