Current & Past > Saturated Landscape (in collaboration with Chicago Detrours)

A special afternoon event of an art exhibition and tour in Logan Square on Saturday, February 15. This two-part experience, held at the Azimuth Projects apartment gallery from 2pm-5pm, combines an intimate exhibition of landscape-inspired works with a creative walking tour of the everyday landscape of the neighborhood.

The exhibition features artists Peter Cardone and Madeleine Bailey. Cardone will exhibit pairs of large format photographs that show a two-part process of first photographing an overgrown lot, and then clearing the location for a second image. Bailey's new body of mixed media work has layered paper, photographs and paint to manipulate images into complex abstractions that capture subtle shifts in location and time.

The tour is the first "Detour" of 2014, which are Chicago Detours' series of one-off events. Both the tour and exhibition address the metamorphosis of landscapes and the emotional and social ideas we attach to nature and the built environment. The tour around regular side streets in Logan Square will spark consideration of the everyday features of the neighborhood landscape, such as lawns and Milwaukee Avenue.

Not exactly a history or architecture tour, the one-hour-long tour will explore the ways we overlook or interpret the unseen processes and messages of our everyday Logan Square landscape and its vernacular architecture, from the habitat of rats to the social value of lawn ornaments and window arrangements. Chicago Detours Executive Director Amanda Scotese and collaborators will also talk about the profit-motivated perspective of realtors, the intricate engineering of the underground, and why the Midwest landscape is considered so boring.

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