Azimuth Projects
"Ordonnance: disposition of the parts" 

November 8- Janary 24th
2704 N. Whipple St. Bricoleur
Sarah Beth Woods and Fatimata TraoreGAZE Swath Saturated Landscape (in collaboration with Chicago Detrours)  Almost Real Gild Site and Source is a solo exhibition by Jaclyn Jacunski. Flay Black Mountain Side Punishment and Protest Second Day Scenery Meet the Artists- Double Vision- at Apple Lincoln Park: Melika Bass & Stacia Yeapanis  All Things Magical Love and Process- Valentines Day 2012 featuring Sarah and Joseph Belknap In collaboration with Sunday Dinner Club and Vinejoy  Eco-Ecology Destination Unknown At Play Current Exhibition 
"Horizon Rising," on view at Point Bridge, 217 N Jefferson, Chicago IL  
June - September, 2011 Outside Coming In

Azimuth Projects is a curatorial experiment directed by Helen Maurene Cooper. Her project often includes other curators and consistently demonstrates a pension for creating experiences that fuse art, food and conversation in a domestic setting.