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Site and Source is a solo exhibition by Jaclyn Jacunski.
This series of prints that incorporates images of fences, webs and net imagery was made in March 2013 through May 2013 as an artist in residence at Spudnik Press, Chicago IL. The first weeks of residency focused on experimentation with fencing found in an abandoned lot near her home. She expands her minimal compositions while using themes and structures of her past themes of the politics in an urban terra firma.

Many of recent her works are created by encounters with an empty lot that is connected to her apartment building. This space has become a billboard and a type of art studio in her neighborhood landscape. Signs are posted, graffiti artists make their mark, and lost items are archived on the chain link fence by passers-by. From this space she uses the leftovers to make images and forms that consider the impact of an individual's voice within a community and use this evidence of small acts as source material. The aesthetic is reductive, and mimics objects she has encountered as an activist.

Printmaking is a core process in her work admiring the concept of print’s populist ethic on the distribution of art, and drawing ideas from zines, media appropriation and historic photo-etchings. She uses materials that present a failure of strength and longevity to create a form that cannot be sustained.