Azimuth Projects
Isak Applin and Carl Baratta - Forests Begin to Rise Up,
12 x 9
Isak Applin is a painter who depicts invented landscapes, rural tall tales, idealistic retreats and scenes from everyday domestic life. Through the portrayal of both genre scenes and otherworldly rapture, his paintings examine the frontier between the commonplace and the numinous. Carl Baratta, also a painter, constantly investigates different ways of compressing multiple events and moments into a single scene, a common conceit of manuscript, alchemy and sienese imagery. His intention is to create drama within the construction of spatial shifts, clashing color palettes, nameless characters, and strange landscapes to construct an elusive environment. Together Carl & Isak will share a collection of materials, which explore enchantment and delve into the mysterious, often times magical images that inform their work
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